Digital Signing has arrived

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As the number one provider of legal documents to the NZ legal profession, ADLS has extended its expertise to offer a new digital signing service in WebForms.

WebForms™ Sign offers a fast, secure and cost effective digital signing service, accessible anywhere in New Zealand, at any time, from internet connected devices, including mobile phones.

WebForms™ users can manage and track the digital signing process through WebForms™, in 3 easy steps, using customised workflows especially designed for lawyers;

1.  Set-up each party’s signing details on finalised documents
2.  Send an ‘invitation to sign’ to each party*
3.  Monitor and keep a full record of the signing process

Key Features Include:

  • 2 step validation process to access documents for digital signing (email and sms)
  • real-time, online identity verification options (RealMe, NZ passport or NZ driver licence)
  • PKI digital certificate technology which seals the document, so any subsequent tampering is detectable
  • signing log which tracks the path  of the signed document and captures the details of every interaction throughout the signing process
  • signature witnessing option 
  • a new feature to enable 'bundles' of documents to be submitted for digital signing
  • ability to upload non ADLS documents, as PDFs to be digitally signed

Tools and Training:

ADLS has developed a number of tools to assist WebForms users to understand how to use the new digital signing service available to them, and recommends these are consulted prior to use.

Click here to download suggested user Protocols

Click here to view the WebForms Digital Signing Online Training Video

Click here to view the WebForms Digital Signing User Guide

Click here to download the latest Price Lists

Click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to download a list of WebForms documents not recommended for digital signing

To find out more about ADLS WebForms, click here.

ADLS Digital Signing Terms and Conditions are included in the ADLS WebForms Terms and Conditions, click here.

Please note: these tools, terms and conditions will be regularly updated and WebForms Users are advised to check them regularly for updates.

Important to Note:

  • WebForms users should have prior approval from their firm or organisation to use the ADLS WebForms Sign digital signing service. Individual WebForms users can then be granted access as required, by the WebForms Administrator in the firm, to be enable the set-up and submission of documents for digital signing.  
  • It is important for all WebForms users using the new digital signing service to read the ADLS Digital Signing Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as Secured Signing Limited Terms and Conditions before use.
  • ADLS does not recommend the use of shared WebForms log-ins.
  • The Practice Notes and User Protocols document has been specially drafted to provide a brief overview of digital signing and explain how the digital signing business process links back to the relevant legislation (i.e. the Contracts and Commercial Law Act 2017) and sets out suggested protocols lawyers may wish to follow, which support the use of digital signing in the context of the client relationships.  
  • For a list of WebForms documents not recommended for digital signing, click here.  
  • ADLS does not recommend WebForms subscribers using old or unsupported browsers using the WebForms system, or the digital signing service. For a list of supported browsers, see below.
  • ADLS has partnered with a NZ based third party digital signing service provider, Secured Signing Limited. The digital signing of the document takes place in their system.

Special Introductory Offer: Get your first 3 documents digitally signed for free*

(*Terms and conditions of the 'first 3 documents digitally signed for free' offer: Applies to the digital signature charges only, relating to the first 3 documents submitted for digital signing using the ADLS Webforms digital signing service. Excludes sms charges, optional ID verification charges, all document related charges and WebForms system fees, which are additional. Offer available for a limited time and may be subject to change without prior notification. Offer available to current WebForms users, based on their unique WebForms login).


ADLS does not recommend WebForms subscribers using old or unsupported browsers when accessing the WebForms system or new digital signing service. Recommended internet browsers are: