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Webforms BannerWebForms™ is ADLS's web-based legal document creation service, using the ADLS forms & precedents - New Zealand's most trusted legal forms & precedents.

With a variety of features, simplified workflows, and a commitment to continuous improvement, ADLS's WebForms™ system provides greater efficiency for busy professionals.

This user friendly package takes advantage of today’s technology while maintaining the integrity of the original forms.

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InFORMation is the newsletter for users of the ADLS WebForms™ package. It provides users of the WebForms™ package with updates on new forms and forthcoming releases. 

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An evolutionary philosophy

With a renewed commitment to keeping WebForms™ at the leading edge of forms creation and management, new features and improvements will be introduced regularly going forward. Work has already started on some exciting new features for release in the next 12 months.

Tips for using ADLS WebForms™

Ensure you are on the right internet browser



It is important users have one of the above main internet browsers. Old browsers will affect a users ability to use WebForms™. If you are unsure about what internet browser you are using, you can check online here. This site will also inform you if you are on the latest version of that particular internet browser. If you do not have the latest browser version, talk with your IT Support provider about updating. 

User-training for the WebForms  system

The WebForms™ system has been designed to be easy to use and intuitive. ADLS provides a range of useful and easy tools for users to assist them should they wish:

1. A free online training video (click to view).

2. A free online User Guide available to view or download here.

3. A WebForms™ help-desk ticket system available within the WebForms™ system, or alternatively call 09 303 5283 or email

Windows XP is not recommended

As of 8 April 2014, Microsoft ceased to provide support and updates for Windows XP. Without these updates your computer might become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. As with other software providers, who are continuing to optimise for more recent versions of Windows, WebForms™ will not be supported on Windows XP.