The Search and Surveillance Act in the Digital Age

Author(s): compilation of papers


Materials comprise paper and PowerPoint handout.


Warren Young QSO, General Manager, Independent Police Conduct Authority 
David Jones QC
Robin McCoubrey, Partner, Meredith Connell
Chair: Dr David Harvey, Faculty of Law, Auckland University


Search and surveillance powers form an integral part of many law enforcement investigations. According to the New Zealand Police Annual Report, in the year 2014/2015, New Zealand Police exercised warrantless search powers on 7,048 occasions and obtained 122 surveillance device warrants. Over 4,000 people were charged with criminal offences in partial reliance on the evidence obtained through the exercise of those powers.

This seminar will look at the current law regarding search, surveillance and their inter-relationship with a focus on digital matters.   

These materials will help you

  • Develop a greater understanding of the lawyer’s duties and steps that can be taken.
  • Learn more about how to approach a warrantless search on arrest, and recent case law.
  • Receive guidance on extra-territorial search, remote access, the reasonable belief threshold and the role of privilege in search.
  • Gain insights into the proposals by the Law Commission and the Ministry of Justice with regard to the review of the Search and Surveillance Act. 

Intended audience

Criminal lawyers including for defence and prosecution. Police officers, Counsel for enforcement agencies and In-House Counsel for those on the receiving end of searches may also benefit from attending.

Publication dateOctober 2017
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