Retirement Villages: Advising on the Wisdom of the Transaction


Materials comprise paper and PowerPoint handout.


Megan Bawden, Director, WRMK Lawyers
Glen Low, Partner, Franklin Law
Chair: Troy Churton, National Manager (Retirement Villages), Commission for Financial Capability.


Retirement villages, one of the fastest growing industries in New Zealand, may also be one of the most problematic when advising clients making the move.

This seminar will consider some of the areas where lawyers need to be especially vigilant when giving advice to clients and will provide insights into how best to engage with clients in order to protect their interests.

These materials will help you

  • Gain insights into how best to engage with clients, assess their particular circumstances both financial and personal, and tailor your advice to suit them.
  • Learn more about some of the areas where agreements between providers may vary and how to be sure that these are taken into account when providing advice as well as the core provisions that need to be carefully considered when assisting clients.
  • Understand better the possible contingencies that may arise once a client enters into a retirement village and how advice at an early stage can avoid problems later. 

Intended audience

All those who advise or may in the future advise clients on retirement villages. Those practitioners who practise elder law may also find the seminar useful. 

Publication dateFebruary 2018
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