Expert Witnesses: Making the Most of Their Expertise

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Materials comprise paper and PowerPoint handout.


Jane Anderson QC; Dr Ian Goodwin, Psychiatrist
Chair: Adam Ross QC


Expert witnesses often play vital roles in a wide range of civil litigation. It is essential that they are used to best effect.

This seminar will look at a variety of factors relevant to the use of experts including rules relating to the admissibility of their evidence, the High Court Code of Conduct, as well as the briefing of experts and preparation for trial. It will also provide insights from an expert witness on how to maximise their effectiveness.

These materials will help you:

  • Learn more about the rules relating to admissibility, the High Court Code of Conduct, as well as practical issues such what to look for in an expert, briefing experts and how best to deal with problems that may arise when using an expert.
  • Understand better how experts can be of assistance to litigators when developing and preparing their own case.
  • Gain insights into how best to instruct an expert, the potential problems that may arise out of “hot tubbing” and issues of comprehensibility.

Intended audience:

All litigators wishing to learn more about this topic or receive a refresher on it.

Publication dateAugust 2017
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