Engaging with the Commerce Commission

Author(s): compilation of papers


Materials comprise paper and PowerPoint handout.


John Land, Barrister, Bankside Chambers
Katie Rusbatch, Competition Manager, Commerce Commission


The Commerce Commission is New Zealand's primary competition and trade practices regulatory agency whose responsibility includes enforcement of the Commerce Act and consumer legislation. The Commission has strong enforcement rights and extensive compulsory investigation powers.

It is increasingly important for practitioners to be able to advise clients on how best to engage with the Commission in respect of possible breaches of relevant legislation and resulting investigations particularly when these require clients to work within tight timeframes.

Advice on engagement with the Commission is also important in instances where your client is in fact the complainant and is seeking the Commission’s assistance.

These materials will help you

  • Refresh your knowledge and understanding of the background to the law.
  • Update your knowledge of recent New Zealand case law, including recurrent themes and key concepts.
  • Gain insights into the current position in New Zealand, and likely future developments.  

Intended audience

Commercial lawyers, litigators and those lawyers in general practice whose clients may interact with the Commerce Commission from time to time.

Publication dateSeptember 2017
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