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Commercial Law Series: Tailoring Constitutions for Small Businesses

Webinar Paper | Presenter: Steve Dukeson, Principal, Dukesons Business Law Although not mandatory for New Zealand companies, constitutions are commonplace – and for small businesses are often the sole governance document. But are they crafted and drafted as well as they should be to meet the particular needs and wishes of the client? Looking at key (but perhaps not obvious) clauses to consider including in a constitution, as well as the interface with the Companies Act and with any shareholders’ agreement, this webinar will assist practitioners to design constitutions that suit small-business clients rather than trying to fit those clients into standard configurations and the risks that course may entail.

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Relationship Property: Lessons to be Learnt from Two Cases

Webinar Paper | Presenters: Jeremy Sutton, Barrister, Bastion Chambers; Stephanie Ambler, Partner, Tompkins Wake Two cases decided in 2017 have relevance to the Courts' approach to relationship property. Zhang v Li [2017] NZHC 129 provides a cautionary tale about the very common practice of parents assisting children and their partners with the purchase of immovable property. Scott v Williams [2017] NZSC 185 provides insights into the Supreme Court’s approach to the question of economic disparity and its effect on the division of property.

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The Land Transfer Act 2017: What’s New for Property Lawyers?

Seminar Paper | Presenters: Robbie Muir, Registrar-General of Land; Elizabeth Toomey, Professor of Law, Canterbury University; Joanna Pidgeon, Partner, Pidgeon Law; Thomas Gibbons, Director, McCaw Lewis | Chair: Ian Jespersen, Senior Associate, Burton Partners A long time coming, the Land Transfer Act 2017 will be very much a reality for property law practitioners later this year. It represents a major change in the law and there is much that will be new and unfamiliar. This seminar will provide guidance on the new Act, what to expect from the changes and discuss some of the challenges it will present to property lawyers.

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Words On Trial

Webinar Paper | Presenter: Dr Bronwen Innes, Honorary Research Fellow Expert forensic linguistic evidence helped unmask the 1996 Unabomber, revealed the author of Primary Colours and in New Zealand assisted with the Carmen Thomas murder case, the acquittal of David Bain, and the resolution of a trademark dispute between InterCity and Nakedbus. Forensic linguistics is the application of linguistic knowledge, methods and insights to the forensic context of law, language, crime investigation, trial, and judicial procedure.

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