Save 30% with the CPD Seminar Paper Subscription Scheme

ADLS's CPD Seminar Paper Subscription Scheme is at the forefront of providing practical and timely information for legal practitioners. A selection of 10 seminar papers are made available every 6 months through the ADLS CPD Seminar Paper Subscription Scheme, which delivers:

  • An excellent legal resource for general practitioners of firms that practice across a range of disciplines.
  • Timely updates on recent developments, practical tips and case law analysis from highly respected legal practitioners.
  • A cost effective means of receiving updates and developments in the law. Subscribers obtain savings of more than 30% on the equivalent number of seminar papers if purchased individually
  400 SPSS

A six month subscription is $273.95 incl GST and postage for ADLS members and $368.00 incl GST and postage for non members.

Click here to view the 2019 CPD Seminar Papers Volume 2 contents.

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