Your Legal Business: Financial and Practice Management Tips, Tools & Traps

Author(s): compilation of papers


Materials comprised of a paper and a PowerPoint handout


Gina Cook, Advisory Partner, BDO Auckland
Nita Walker, Practice Manager, Ellis Gould
Arran Hunt, Partner, Stace Hammond
Lloyd Gallagher, Principal, Gallagher & Co
Chair: Sarah Pilcher, Principal, The Franchise Lawyer


Keeping a legal practice ticking over is easier said than done. There are legal, administrative and financial obligations and considerations – and that’s before a client enters the picture!

These materials will address how you can better manage various aspects of the underlying commercial side of a legal practice: structural, set-up and compliance; trust accounting, operating expenses, payroll and debtors; practice management software tools and options.

These materials will help you

  • Benefit from a range of perspectives and insights: a business-advisory accountant, a senior practice manager, and lawyers at principal/partner level. 
  • Refresh your understanding of the fundamentals required for sound financial operation, including how to improve efficiencies and make cost-savings. 
  • Secure a better grasp of the workings of a practice, so that you can safely manage your responsibilities. 
  • Receive guidance on what to look for – and look out for – in a practice management system and software, including the basics and add-ons, plus how to implement the same (and transition from another system).  

Intended audience

Principals, partners, directors, particularly of small to medium practices, as well as barristers, together with practice managers and office managers. Senior employees who are going out on their own or joining a partnership, or barristers who are leaving a firm and setting up a chambers, for the first time will also benefit.

Publication dateMarch 2019
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