Residential Care Subsidies after Broadbent – Where to from here?

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Materials comprised of a paper and a PowerPoint handout


Vicki Ammundsen, Director,
Vicki Ammundsen Trust Law Limited
Theresa Donnelly, Senior Solicitor, Public Trust


What does the recent Court of Appeal decision in Broadbent really mean for residential care subsidies, and how should practitioners be advising their clients in the light of it?

These materials provide insights into the decision (it doesn’t answer everything), its effect on residential care subsidies, and where applicable, guidance on advising clients going forward.

The question as to whether greater consideration needs to be given to benefits from assets gifted to trusts or sold with a debt back that is forgiven is also considered.

These materials will help you

  • Learn more about the findings in Broadbent, whether it has really changed anything, and its implications for clients.
  • Understand better how the Security Appeal Authority might determine an appropriate calculation methodology.
  • Gain insights into what interest calculations on debt back may look like.

Intended audience

All lawyers practising in the area of family, trust and elder law.

Publication dateJuly 2019
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