Civil Litigation Series: The Critical Final Stages

Author(s): compilation of papers


Materials comprised of a paper and a PowerPoint handout


Martin Smith, Partner, Gilbert Walker
Linda Hui, Senior Solicitor, Meredith Connell


These materials examine the twists and turns a case can take in its final stages when a case is disposed of.

They provide guidance on how to prepare your client for what will – or could still be – in store and will help attendees manage the important issues which can arise in an efficient, practical way in accordance with the High Court or District Court Rules.

These materials will help you

  • The different forms of judgment and the steps which may be taken in respect of a judgment –  including sealing, notification, recall, setting aside, variation, satisfaction, and enforcement. 
  • Managing your client’s expectations before and after the receipt of a judgment.
  • The implications of partial success.
  • The effect of non-compliance with orders in a judgment. 
  • Claims for interest and the basis for them. 
  • Costs issues including the kinds of costs awards which may be available under the rules – applying for increases from scale, costs against counsel and costs on specific issues. 

Intended audience

All lawyers who act in civil and commercial litigation.

Publication dateAugust 2019
FormatPDF and/or hard copy
CPD Seminar Papers ISBN: C0568/P
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