Tenders: Contracts, Case Law and Considerations


Materials comprise a paper and PowerPoint handout.


James Carnie, Partner, Clendons
Trina Lincoln, Commercial Legal & Risk Manager, Hawkins


An increasing feature of commercial activity, the tendering process can, by its very nature, be risky for the parties involved and lead to unforeseen consequences.

Being able to advise clients on the process in the first instance and alert them to some of the possible pitfalls that may arise may prove invaluable.

With a review of recent case law, this webinar will consider how tender agreements work and how to get the best result for clients involved in a tendering process.

These materials will help you

  • Understand better the collateral ‘process’ contracts and the obligations that may arise in tendering situations, as well as other applicable law and recommended terms and conditions 
  • Gain insights into recent case law (including South Waikato District Council v Roading and Asphalt Limited [2013] NZCA 566, Attorney-General v Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand [2016] NZCA 609 and Rintoul Group Ltd v Far North District Council [2017] NZHC 1132), as well as the Sale of Real Estate by Tender (ADLS 4th Edition 2012 (8), 1 September 2017).
  • Learn more about some of the practical aspects of the tender process and how these may best be dealt with. 

Intended audience

Commercial, construction, in-house, property and government lawyers. General practitioners may also benefit.

Publication dateJuly 2018
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