Litigation Guardians – Looking After Others and Looking After Yourself

Author(s): compilation of papers


Materials comprised of a paper and a PowerPoint handout


Robyn von Keisenberg, Barrister
Zannah Johnston, Crown Counsel 


Litigation guardians are appointed to protect the processes of the Court and to ensure that the interests of a litigant who has impaired capacity are protected against the disadvantage that the litigant would otherwise be under.

These materials discuss the appointment process, the scope of the role, its risks and responsibilities and the relevant law.

These materials will help you

  • Learn more about the appointment process and what factors should trigger the appointment of a Litigation Guardian.
  • Learn more about the scope of the role and the inherent responsibilities and risks.
  • Gain a better understanding of the relevant legislation and recent case law.

Intended audience

These materials are relevant to all litigators, especially those practising in the areas of family law, mental health, lawyer for child, elder law and estate work.

Publication dateNovember 2018
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