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Privacy in the Digital Age: The Risks and Opportunities of New Technology
Technology and social media are now inescapable aspects of modern life. They provide unique opportunities for individuals to interact with each other and for businesses to interact with consumers and to develop their brands. However, such opportunities raise inevitable legal questions. Privacy issues have, as a result, become increasingly complex. It is essential for lawyers to know how their clients’ professional and personal privacy may be affected by technology and how to advise clients on avoiding privacy breaches or protecting them from unwanted attention.

05 Aug 2015 - At your desk or on your portable device Read more
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Hot Topics in Commercial Leasing: Green Leases and Rent Guarantees
Commercial leases are subject to a number of external influences. For example, the emphasis on sustainability has seen a rise in the use of green leases. Being able to advise clients on the specific requirements of such leases, as well as the novel way in which operating expenses are dealt with in the context of them, is an important aspect of any commercial property lawyer’s practice. So too is the way in which rent guarantees have evolved recently with consequences for landlord and tenant. This webinar will look at both developments and provide insights into the particular opportunities and problems they present.

12 Aug 2015 - At your desk or on your portable device Read more
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Independent Trustees: Avoiding the Perils of Personal Liability
The role of the independent trustee appears to be increasingly onerous. The consequences of even minor oversights are often severe and can cost a trustee dearly, both financially and professionally. Understanding the duties and obligations associated with being a trustee, and how best to ensure compliance with those duties and obligations is crucial for lawyers both acting as trustees and advising clients taking on the role of trustee.

19 Aug 2015 - At your desk or on your portable device Read more
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Equity Crowdfunding 101: Innovative Capital-Raising for your Client
Increasingly, small businesses are using crowdfunding as an alternative way to obtain financial support to grow their businesses. The relatively low level of regulation involved brings with it potential opportunities and risks. Given the high number of SME businesses in New Zealand and the fostering of an entrepreneurial outlook, lawyers need to be aware of what crowdfunding is and how it works in order to be able to appropriately advise clients.

20 Aug 2015 - At your desk or on your portable device Read more

Does New Zealand need to review the place of self-represented litigants in our legal system?


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